KAD 16v Engine

Neal and Graham Masters from Gurston Down HillClimb (UK) own a KAD 16v HillClimb Sprint race prepared classic mini, more pictures available in the Gurston Gallery on Absolutemini.

KAD 16v mini engine

This engine has been built by KAD (Kent Auto Developments) specifically to win HillClimb events by harnessing huge amounts of BHP (150+) out of an A-series engine in a very useable way.

KAD Stage 4 Engine Spec

  • Carburetted engine: 170-180bhp, capacity 1380-1460cc
  • KAD latest spec big valve 16 valve cylinder head with belt assembly
  • A+ block with four bolt centre main cap, bored and honed
  • 73.5mm flat top Cosworth or Omega forged pistons
  • Vandervell Competition engine bearings
  • EN40B billet steel crankshaft 81.28-86mm stroke
  • Forged steel Arrow conrods
  • HP oil pump, water pump
  • Twin Weber 45 DCOE carburettors
  • Aldon distributor with Ignitor Electronic ignition
  • KAD alloy flywheel and backplate
  • AP grey diaphragm pressure plate and clutch
  • 4-2-1 exhaust manifold and 2" bore twin box system
  • Top and bottom radiator hoses, top radiator mounting
  • Complete engine unit built and dyno run