Classic mini alternators

Most Minis used the Lucas 16 ACR and 17 ACR alternators, but there have been others:

ManufacturerModelOutput (amps)
Lucas15 ACR28
Lucas16 ACR34
Lucas17 ACR36
Lucas18 ACR43
Lucas20 ACR66
LucasA12745 & 55

The A127 alternators fitted to the later SPi Minis are a straight swap for older 1x ACR models.

Lucas A127 alternators have also been fitted to a variety of other ARG cars; some casings are different but the internals are apparently the same. Ratings differ and rise - there is one available rated at 120A for an export version of the Range Rover, but expect to pay around UKP2 for each Amp of output!

There is a Lucas A127 alternator for a 1998 Ford Escort Diesel which is rated at 75A. Aside from possible issues with pulley size and alignment, this is likely to be cheaper than the equivalent Rover/Land Rover/Range Rover alternators, particularly second hand.