Classic mini books

Below is a list of classic mini books full of information about the great original mini to help with restoration, maintenance and general information.

  • How to Modify your Mini by David Vizard
  • Tuning BL's A-Series Engine by David Vizard
  • How to blueprint & build a 4-cylinder Short Block for High-performance by Des Hamill
  • High Speed, Low Cost: The Story of a 140MPH Mini Engined World Record Breaker and How to Build it by Robert Macknay
  • Mini Owners Workshop Manual ('69-'91 all models excl. Turbo)
  • SU Carburettors Owners Workshop Manual
  • SU Carburettors
  • Step-by-Step Mini Service Guide by Lindsay Porter
  • Mini Cooper & S by Nigel Edwards
  • Essential Mini Cooper by Anders Ditlev Clausager
  • Mini by Mark Steward
  • Mini- A celebration of the World's ultimate smallest car by Graham Scott