Classic Mini Specification

As specifications go, there were quite a few variations when it came to the classic mini. The orginal design, the bell nose also the most popular still to this day was changed several times, right up until 2000 with the added safety features brought in by Rover. There was also the Clubman (brought in as a variant to try and boost dwindling sales, it didn't work!) The Traveller and Van round of the most popular both being the rare models in this day and age.


Overall Length: 120.25 in (305mm)

Overall Width: 55.5 in (141mm)

Overall Height: 53 in (135mm)

Wheelbase: 80.15 in (203.6mm)

Kerb Weight (rubber cone suspension): 1294lb (587 kg)

Kerb Weight (hydrolastic suspension): 1398lb (634.5kg)

Van, Traveller, Countryman

Overall Length: 129.87 in (325.9mm)

Overall Width: 55.5 in (141mm)

Van Overall Height: 54.5 in (138mm)

Traveller, Countryman, Pickup Overall Height: 53.5 in (136mm)

Wheelbase: 84.15 in (213.8mm)

Van Kerb Weight: 1334lb (605 kg) approx

Traveller, Countryman Kerb Weight: 1456lb (660kg)

Pickup Kerb Weight: 1328lb (604kg)


Overall Length: 120 in (304mm)

Overall Width: 51.5 in (129mm)

Overall Height: 56 in (142mm)

Wheelbase: 80.15 in (203.6mm)

Kerb Weight: 1240lb (562kg)